Ashes - Organized Play

Official Ashes: Uprising Tournament

“Slowly but steadily, the Phoenixborn were plagued with a desire to slaughter their own kind, and absorb the abilities of their incinerated kin. Now is the time of the Collection of Ashes, when Phoenixborn must battle Phoenixborn until only one remains to inherit a newborn world.”

Come to LFG Sydney's Ashes: Uprising tournament!

Format: Two-Player Constructed. Swiss format. Prepare your Phoenixborn, deck and dice in advance of the tournament.
Tournament Organiser: Shannon Frohlich-Terpstra

Date & Time: Sunday 14 July, 10:00am
Cost: Free to play
Location: Tabletop Town
Registration: Requires online registration and purchase of LFG general admission Sunday ticket or Weekend Pass.

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Ashes Official Play Prizes

1st place: 5 translucent dice and alternate art PhoenixBorn
2nd and 3rd places: Alternate art Hammer Knight
All players receive: Alternate-art Gilder, errata Enchanted Violinist

Opening Hours

Fri 2 July 2021: 3pm - Midnight
Sat 3 July 2021: 10am - Midnight
Sun 4 July 2021: 10am - 10pm

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