Volunteer at LFG

Want to be part of Sydney's biggest tabletop event?

We're looking for passionate gamers who want to make LFG a great experience for everyone.

What do we need?

Members of the LFG volunteer team will assist with:

  • Ticket sales and entry
  • Managing the games library
  • Teaching games in the Learn to Play area
  • Demoing games at the games booths
  • Refereeing competitions and tournaments


Volunteers work four hours shifts, from before opening to closing. Timeslots are as follows:

 Session OneSession Two
Saturday 11 July9:30am - 1:30pm1:30pm - 5:30pm
Sunday 12 July9:30am - 1:30pm1:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Completing a four hour shift gets you adult entry to LFG for the remainder of the day.
  • Two four-hour shifts entitles you to a weekend pass.
  • All volunteers will be provided with an LFG shirt.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the application form at the link below to register your interest and we will contact you with further information.

Volunteer at LFG Sydney

What do we need LFG Volunteers to agree to?

All volunteers must read, agree and comply with this policy as part of their agreement with the LFG.

  1. Dress for LFG volunteers is an LFG provided shirt and enclosed footwear.
  2. Volunteers will wear the issued volunteer pass at all volunteering times.
  3. Volunteers are to respect and assist attendees, fellow staff and exhibitors.
  4. Volunteers are to contact the Event Team if they encounter any situations with difficult behaviours, safety and/or health.
  5. Volunteers must act in the best interest of LFG including conducting your duties in an appropriate way.
  6. Volunteers must refrain from acts that create an unsafe or unhealthy occurrence during the Expo. This includes, but is not limited to, consumption of alcoholic beverages and assaulting, threatening or disregarding the safety of an individual. If you know of anyone who might be intoxicated or is exhibiting dangerous or risky behaviour, please report this to the Event Team immediately.
  7. Volunteers are not permitted to use their volunteer status to either promote or conduct personal business.
  8. Volunteers must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any and all participant information.
  9. The LFG Event Team may remove volunteer working status at any time.
  10. Volunteers over the age of 16 years will obtain a Working with Vulnerable People card and acknowledge that a copy of this information will be retained by the LFG Event Team.

Opening Hours

Fri 10 July: 3pm - Midnight**
Sat 11 July: 10am - Midnight
Sun 12 July: 10am - 10pm

**BONUS day for Weekend Pass & Protospiel ticket holders only

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