The Demo Hall: Indie Alley

Support local independent retailers & artisans at the LFG Indie Alley

Interested in new games from local game developers and artisans? Indie Alley is the place to be! Play games and chat with the minds behind them - you might even find a new favourite title to add to your collection.

Located within the Demo Hall, Indie Alley will be open from 11am-5:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Watch this space for updates to the 2020 event!

Indie Alley Exhibitors

Exhibitor Description
93 Made Games

93 Made Games is described as veterans of the Australian gaming industry. So we will bring our latest offerings game design wise, our fun attitude and our love of gaming.

Armoured Digital

Program your drones. Lead them into battle. Build replacements.

Armoured Digital Miniatures Game is an innovative and deep skirmish miniatures game where players take on the role of a Digipath, able to reprogram computers by instinct and trained to fight for their cause. There are many paths to victory: superior mobility, brutal firepower, cunning use of sensors and communications or even invasive reprogramming of enemy tanks.

Armoured Digital is a wargame where you’re never truly out of the fight. Intuitive, flexible options and the ability to build units mid-game make for a challenge that is easy to learn but hard to master.

Buzza Games

Buzza Games presents Alphabetta whic is the new exciting and challenging word game for which Wordies have been waiting. Designed with three distinct levels of capability, Alphabetta brings a new competitive dimension to the table. It can be played socially by families or firends by up to six people at its easiest level, by three or four participants at its middle level or by Scrabble players and Wordies who enjoy a real challenge, by two players. And it's a totally new word puzzle every time you play, depending on the letters you pick up! Can you be the best at Alphabetta?

Chess Plus

Played under standard chess rules with one big difference: you can combine your pieces into more powerful merged pieces. Merge a rook and a bishop and the new piece works just like a queen. Instead of a pawn crawling across the board one square at a time, merge it with a rook who can send it straight across the board to be promoted to a queen!

Merged pieces don’t have to stay together. When the time is right they can split into their original pieces.

Chessplus is a fun and fast paced strategy game with greater risk, reward and quicker games than traditional chess.

Also being a traditional chess set it’s 2 games in 1.

p.s. the King cannot merge, it must remain slow, fat and rich.

Winner Australian Good Design Trophy, 2018
Reviewed in British Chess Magazine, Nov 2018 -

Cutlass Boardgames

Cutlass Boardgames is an Australian based publisher that creates exciting fantasy card games. Their first game: Castles of Caleira is a gorgeously illustrated fantasy castle building game, and their most recent game: Spirits of Carter Mansion is a haunted house social deduction game, both games are 18 card microgames perfectly portable, yet each have a great depth of play!

Physical copies of Castles of Caleira will be available for purchase on the day, and Spirits of Carter Mansion can be pre-ordered online, both of which will be available for demo's!

Fox Tale Games

Fox Tale Games is an independent board game designer and publisher from Sydney, Australia. Their first game, Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares, was published in 2018 and their second, Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks, will be available to demo and preorder at LFG.

Designer Shannon Kelly will also be available over the weekend for signings. Come say hello and try our games!

Halfling Caravan Games

Halfling Caravan Games is a Sydney-based independent game designer of RPGs, adventures, and stand alone card games you can find on a number of platforms.

What is coming to Looking For Gamers? The first physical print edition of Beta Maxx X a pulpy cyberpunk/space-opera roleplay game using the Beta Maxx system developed by Halfling Caravan Games.

Also you can come demo Bloodbath Football Association, a silly violent two player soccer-themed fantasy card game. (

Lost Treasure Games

Lost Treasure Games is an independent boardgame publisher based in Sydney. War of Supremacy is our first game that was successfully kickstarted and is currently being sent to backers and distribution. We will be demoing War of Supremacy and would love to have a game. It will also be available for purchase.

War of Supremacy is a king of the hill style, fantasy card game for 2-5 players and takes around 30-60 mins. Each turn players will play creature and spell cards from their hand to try and outscore the defending player's creatures in the current combat form. If they do, they take control of the territory; moving all of their creatures used in the attack, and placing them in to the defense position. If that player can then manage to defend against all other opponents, they claim the territory as a victory point and get one step closer to winning.

We will also have our currently in development games to playtest: Ape-X (worker placement, engine builder) and Hieroglyphs (drafting, tableau building).

Reign Absolute

Rapid Strategic Fantasy

Reign Absolute is a tabletop card game that combines streamlined warfare rules with memory and bluff mechanics creating an accessible conquest game.

Imagined as the love-child of Warhammer and Exploding Kittens, Reign Absolute is about bringing the fun and excitment of competitive fantasy-themed conquest to an audience that would otherwise be put off by a grueling set of rules and complicated setup requirements.

Slinky Gibbon Games

Slinky Gibbon Games is a table top games company based in Brisbane Australia. Our focus is on boisterous and thematic games for people who enjoy taunting others. We have now succesfully launched two games on kickstarter! Ultimate Troll episodes 1 & 2 which were both fully funded successes and are gearing up to release our newest project "I am the Fourth Wall".

Wyldwood Apothecary

Kistrix combines her interest in the fantasy genre with a backgraound in natural medicine by recreating potions, flasks and consumables. She is bringing her Wyldwood Apothecary with fantasy infusions and custom herbal teas to LFG.

Each loose leaf tea is based on legendary potions from some of your most beloved RPG games or inspired by gaming culture. Come craft your own custom herbal tea blend for your next quest! Carefully selected herbs to heal, nourish and cleanse, bring some fantasy and adventure to your everyday.


WYRDO (pronounced weirdo) is a “Would You Rather...” party game that celebrates the inner weirdo in all of us.

Player’s answer “Would You Rather...” questions by secretly choosing either A or B scenarios for each question before everyone reveals their answers, uncovering which of your friends are the Wyrdos and have answered in the minority.

The game creates hilarious debate and some seriously awkward moments between friends as players battle it out to uncover the BIGGEST WYRDO!

Opening Hours

Fri 2 July 2021: 3pm - Midnight**
Sat 3 July 2021: 10am - Midnight
Sun 4 July 2021: 10am - 10pm

**BONUS day for Weekend Pass & Protospiel ticket holders only

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